The Haysoms of Ringwood, Hampshire, England.


I do know of Elizabeth and Mary Mansfield who married the Haysoms in Ringwood (though I didn't realise they were brothers or solicitors!)
The brothers were sons of William Haysom and wife Deborah nee Sparks.
Thomas was bapt. 6.2.1765
Mary married Thomas Haysom 14.6.1800
Children:  William  bapt.26.12.1802
Sarah   bapt. 1.7.1804
James   buried 15.8.1806
James   bapt. 13.3.1808
Elizabeth  bapt. 21.1.1810
Male infant buried 10.3.1815 aged 2months.
Thomas  was buried 29.12.1814 aged 48years
Mary Haysom was buried 9.6.1833 aged 62years
Elizabeth  (?the elder daughter) married Joseph Haysom 6.2.1796
(Joseph bapt. 22.3.1769)
Children:  John  bapt. 19.1.1800
Joshua    bapt.  25.12.1803
Arabella  bapt. 31.3.1805    buried 10.5.1805
It appears that Elizabeth died and was buried 12.1.1806 as Joseph, widower,remarried >4.3.1809 to Sophie Legg. I hope this is accurate, it is all from the Ringwood Parish records, but they just wrote e.g. 'Elizabeth of Thomas' not signifying whether wife or daughter.
The men were described as  e.g.'Thomas of Ringwood'!!

As far as the next generation goes I only know of Joshua, who married Rebecca Tanner  8.11.1824 -  they had a son George Thomas bapt. 17.7.1825 whom I believe emigrated to Australia in the 1850s; daughter Amelia bapt. 23.9.1827 married 1849;  and sons William * and John bapt 1833 and 1836 respectively.>
*If this were the William Mansfield Haysom referred to in Orlando's note she would have been 78 in 1911, so it could have been a son?
The one born 1826 would have been 85!
The other point of interest:  I found a reference to a Robert Haysom, Genealogist, at the Guildhall Library, but have been unable to ascertain for certain who he was, but a Robert George Bartlett Mansfield Haysom died in Nice, France in 1930.  He had been married three times :-i)  Emma Bevis Haysom of Ilminster, Somerset died in 1909 aged 49yrs leaving her effects to her husband Robert, Music Teacher.  ii)  Emma Jane Mansfield Haysom of Chard, Somerset died in1922 aged 58yrs leaving estate to Robert G.B.M.Haysom, Professor of Music. iii) Florence Charlotte Emma Mansfield Haysom widow, benefitted by £645.5s when he died.
The second marriage was in1910 at Chard, the third in1923 at Beaminster, Dorset, and when he died he was of Sedborrow in Thorcombe, also Dorset, but all the places mentioned are fairly close to each other!
There are very few Roberts in my records (from the GRO 1837-1940) so I think he is the most likely candidate for genealogy.
I suspect he was born in London and his first marriage could have been in 1894 in Fulham..
How this all ties up I don't know - hence my desire to consult the 1901 census. I know there was a family of Haysoms in Martock, near Ilminster at that time,  and another in Sutton Veny near Warminster, Wilts.
I hope all this is of some interest to you, I know it's pretty
Let me know what you think, and when I get more info' from the Census







The E Mail opposite was received from E J Franks following up my speculative research in trying to trace the W Mansfield Haysom who became friends with my Great Grandfather Orlando A Mansfield.



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